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WHMCS Nulled Script 1.72.0

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WHMCS Nulled Script is a powerful tool for creating menus and sub-menus, allowing users to add new items, change their locations, and even translate titles. This module is compatible with WHMCS Six and Five Templates, allowing users to rearrange menu links, display data, and select visibility times. It requires WHMCS version 6 or later and PHP 5.6 and up to version 8. The tool is also compatible with versions 6, 7, and 8+ of WHMCS. The WHMCS Nulled Script is an easy-to-use solution for managing menus and sub-menus, requiring only a few clicks to complete tasks.

WHMCS Nulled Script

The WHMCS Nulled Script menu was hard to navigate in the past. For example, it was challenging to add new menu items, change their locations, make them hidden or visible only under certain circumstances, or even translate the title.

It was essential that you have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS when you were younger, or occasionally work with PHP.

This module allows you to do a lot of different things, like adding an infinite number of menus and sub-menu items, choosing when and to whom each item will be displayed, adding translations to multiple languages from one location, using the drag-and-drop method to rearrange menu items, and much more. It’s an extremely easy process to complete, requiring only a few clicks to complete each of these tasks.


You are able to create an infinite number of submenus and menu connections.
With this product, WHMCS Six and Five Templates are compatible.
Adequate for using with customized templates
Drag and drop allows you to rearrange the menu links in a different order.
Each item can have a basic translation added to it, and each menu link can have additional characteristics added to it.
You can use an external URL or the core system URL from categorized lists if you wish to add an icon to each menu item.
Display data (such as the total number of open tickets, active services, and past-due invoices) inside the menu link number.
Choices for Visibility Select the specific times at which menu links appear.
The URL can open in a new window or the one that is currently open.
Installing the WHMCS Nulled Script default menu links only requires one click.
extensively documented
How to install and utilize video tutorials
Version 1.2.0 allows for automatic integration with WHMCS’s default navbars with only a single click.
An Internet Sample: The Menu Manager’s Client Area

WHMCS version 6 or later is necessary.

PHP: 5.6 and up to version 8.

Versions 6, 7, and 8+ of WHMCS are compatible with it.

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