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Cost of Goods nulled plugin 2.13.1

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WooCommerce offers a comprehensive solution for tracking profits and costs within your store. The plugin provides detailed reports on revenue, top-seller/earner data, and expenses, allowing you to make informed marketing and sales decisions. The WooCommerce Cost of Goods feature allows you to monitor overall profit and costs, including the cost of goods for each product, including variants. This information is then applied to earlier orders when establishing the product cost.

The WooCommerce Cost of Goods Product Table Display allows you to view profits and costs by date period, product, or product category. The plugin also allows you to export profit/cost report data to CSV and export profit/cost report data to CSV using Order/Customer CSV Export Suite or Customer/Order XML Export Suite.

The WooCommerce Cost of Goods widget displays the most profitable and least profitable products for your business, allowing you to focus your marketing efforts on the most profitable items. The plugin also offers detailed reporting, including profit by date, product, most/least lucrative sellers, category, and inventory valuation.

To get started, download and install the extension in your WooCommerce shop, enter a cost to each product, or apply charges to past orders. You can view your earnings under WooCommerce > Reports > Profit. SkyVerge-developed extensions are the best for your WooCommerce business, ensuring your store’s performance is just as important to them as it is to you.

Cost of Goods nulled plugin

By including your cost of products in your orders and reports, you can easily keep an eye on your profit.
comprehensive cost and profit tracking for your WooCommerce store.
The WooCommerce nulled plugin offers superior revenue and top-earner/seller information. To further enhance the utility of these reports, we’ve added Profit Reporting! It is possible to compute not only revenue but also costs and earnings from within your WooCommerce store. Easily and quickly obtain the data you need to make sales and marketing decisions that will optimize your store’s profits.

Woocommerce Product Cost Profit as of now

Report on Profit by Date
It is simple to keep track of total profit and expenses when you add a “Cost of Good” function to both basic and variable goods. Expenses are computed instantly at checkout, so you can view your profit alongside basic sales statistics. Detailed reports provide the precise information you need to maximize your profit margin.

WooCommerce Product Table Display with Cost of Goods
  • The Product Table Display’s Expenses
  • How Your Reporting Can Be Improved by “Cost of Goods”
  • provides you with vital details about your business, such as store earnings and the best-selling products, so you are aware of more than just income.
  • For each product (including variations!), add a Cost of Good to find the total cost of the goods sold in each order.
  • Apply costs to previous orders placed prior to installation in order to determine the product cost.
  • Analyze earnings and expenses by product category, date range, or product. NEW
  • Export data from cost and profit reports to CSV NEW
  • Orders exported with the Order/Customer CSV Export Suite should include expenses.
  • When exporting orders using the Customer/Order XML Export Suite NEW, include the costs.
  • Compatible with the CSV Import Suite for Products: NEW For editable orders, change the line item pricing.
  • Learn which of your sales are the most and least profitable so that you may focus your marketing efforts there.
  • View the entire inventory value determined by the cost of the products or retail pricing.
  • You can see costs next to prices in your product management table display with ease.
  • Increase Product Costs.

Easily add a Cost of Good to every product, including variations, so that you always know how much you made on each transaction rather than simply how much you sold. This allows you to calculate your total order expenses. At checkout, the entire costs of each order line item are saved, so even if your expenses increase later, your total costs will still be accurate as it was in the past.

Woocommerce Product Cost Basic Configuration of Product Cost

Basic Configuration of Product Cost
Adding fees to variable commodities is a pretty simple process. You can either set fees for each variation separately or declare a default cost for all variants.

Concentrate Your Marketing on High-Grade Items

The Cost of Goods extension helps you find your real top sellers by showing you which products are lucrative for your company and which are not, not just the ones that bring in the most money.

The cost of goods widget for WooCommerce shows which products are the most profitable.
The least profitable commodities are shown in the WooCommerce Cost of commodities widget.
Perhaps you keep an eye on print or pay-per-click advertising with the WooCommerce URL Coupons plugin? Since you already know which products would bring in the most money for your store, you can decide which to make coupons for.

Comprehensive Reporting

Measuring your cost of goods is useless unless you have comprehensive reporting that offers useful insights to boost your profitability. Reports consist of:

  • View your net sales, cost of goods, profit, and average profit per order for any given time period by selecting “Profit by Date.”
  • Profit by product: For the given time period, view your net sales for the item, total expenses, total profit, and total purchases.
  • Most and least profitable Sellers: See which products are most and least profitable over a given time frame.
  • Profit by category: See the total profit over a specified time period for one or more product categories.
  • Inventory valuation shows you how much your inventory is worth overall, based on either the cost of products or the retail price.
  • WooCommerce Profit per product at cost of goods sold.
Report on Profit by Product

Product valuation: WooCommerce Cost of Goods Product Valuation Report
WooCommerce complete value of the cost of the products
Values of the entire inventory.
Strong Configuration
To obtain a rapid estimate of profitability, you might add expenses to previous orders. Just enter the prices of your items, and you can change any orders placed before this extension is activated from Settings > Items > Inventory to display the most and least profitable sellers without having to wait for new sales to arrive.

Woocommerce Product Cost Revenue by Type
Report on Profit by Category

How to Begin
  • Purchase this add-on!
  • Install the downloaded file in your WooCommerce store.
  • Give each of your commodities a cost (you can even enter this in bulk!).
  • You can choose to apply such fees to previous orders.
  • Go to WooCommerce > Reports > Profit to see your earnings.
  • And that’s it! Enjoy your new Profit Reports while you relax!

Do you need more justification to purchase? You get the greatest extensions for your WooCommerce store when you purchase one made by SkyVerge. You may rest easy knowing that we value your store’s success just as much as you do when you purchase our products.

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