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SmartEnd CMS Nulled Script 10.0.3

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Smartend CMS is an open source content management system built on the Laravel 10.0 framework. It features a robust admin dashboard, a frontend, and a versatile Restful API, allowing users to create any kind of website they can imagine. The dashboard offers a responsive design, multiple languages, and customizable features such as a full-control drag-and-drop editor, social media integration with various platforms, and the ability to manage Google Tags and Analytics.

Smartend CMS also offers a variety of customization options, such as enabling captcha settings, managing email settings, and removing cached content. It also provides a search engine, customizable categories and subcategories, and a responsive Bootstrap grid layout.

The system also offers a search engine, customizable color palettes, dynamic design, and a variety of images, videos, and audio. It also supports online forms, captcha settings, banner ads, and social media integration.

Smartend CMS is available in multiple languages and supports multi-language support. It offers support for customers in both English and Arabic. The project folder contains documentation, demo data, and requirements.txt, and the project folder contains php nulled scripts.

SmartEnd CMS Nulled Script

SmartEnd CMS – Laravel Admin Dashboard with Frontend and Restful API

With its powerful admin dashboard, flexible frontend, and adaptable Restful API, Smartend CMS—which is based on the Laravel 10.0 framework—allows you to build any kind of website you can think of. It is easily customizable to fit your needs and is available as open source.

  • A stylish and faultless dashboard that comes in four different patterns and hues.
  • There is a responsive admin panel.
  • Several Languages Are Accepted.
  • Make a left turn, then a right one.
  • Laravel 10.0 powers this framework.
  • You can reset your password by logging in to a secure dashboard.
  • Permission granted to a webmaster to manage the main regions and features of the website.
  • On the dashboard, there is a summary of every module.
  • the default settings that are available for each website.
  • sections, pages, and categories that are dynamic on a website.
  • Editor with Full Control Drag-and-Drop
  • a variety of text editors from which to select your favorite
  • Bitbucket, Git, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can all be integrated with social media.
  • Analytics and Google Tag management are available through the dashboard.
  • Utilize the dashboard to adjust the captcha settings.
  • Utilize the dashboard to adjust your email settings.
  • the ability to get content out of cache.
  • adding additional custom fields to the sections that already exist (CRUD).
  • A quick and simple method for creating sitemaps (/sitemap/en or /sitemap.xml).
  • optimization tools and the ability to offer URLs that are easy to use.
  • Numerous categories may be chosen for each subject.
  • a tab dedicated to each subject.
  • possess the ability to turn on and off the dashboard’s registration feature.
  • Managers are in charge of all areas and fields.
  • There is now the possibility to associate any section’s subjects with an expiration date.
  • The option to attach more files to any subject can now be enabled.
  • Every page has a text editor of its own.
  • a plugin that enables multiple image uploads simultaneously.
  • Multiple maps can be embedded on websites using the Google Maps plugin.
  • optimization tool for every single page and segment of your website.
  • an icon selection tool for pages and categories.
  • It is feasible to add more fields that support Arabic.
  • Turn on or off the applications on the dashboard to manage them.
  • You can search for anything using the dashboard’s search function.
  • You could add everything to one place on your website (the menu).
  • Organizing groups and subgroups.
  • Sliders and banners offer control.
  • You may connect a robust mailbox to your webmail.
  • There are visual aids in some reports.
  • Notifications of new emails and forthcoming events.
  • Control the Users’ Permissions.
  • Visual Expression of Ideas.
A Frontend, Restful API, and Laravel Admin Dashboard are all included in this Content Management System (CMS) (4
  • Bootstrap Grid Layout with Adaptivity.
  • Several Languages Are Accepted.
  • Make a left turn, then a right one.
  • The Frontend’s Restful API can be accessed at /api/v1.
  • the capacity to control stylistic choices and color schemes.
  • The background, favorite icon, and logo are all customizable.
  • dynamic design of the page and menu.
  • The topic matter includes audio, video, text pages, and photos.
  • Different locations and maps for each topic
  • a range of images encompassing every topic.
  • Turn on/off comments.
  • Get every topic for every user.
  • A search engine with comprehensive coverage.
  • Enable or disable the order form for each subject.
  • Information on the subject is organized using an advanced text editor.
  • Fontawesome icons used in a variety of categories.
  • Online forms with Ajax for ordering, comments, newsletter subscriptions, and information submission.
  • The capability to turn on and off Captcha.
  • many areas for banner advertisements.
  • banners for the slide show on the main page
  • the homepage’s most recent posts
  • Handle all of your social media relationships.
  • Script sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • a visitation count broken down by page.
  • Highest Views in every category.
  • Two distinct footer designs.

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The various languages

With the multi-language capability of Smartend CMS, you can manage the languages as you see fit.
Customer service offered in Arabic and English
We pledge to provide excellent support with quick turnaround times.
Attend to any problems you see, such as broken links or bugs.
Help to finish the setup and installation process!
Please ask any questions you may have.
The contents of the project folder are _documentation, _demo_data, and _Requirements.txt.
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php nulled scripts

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