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YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup nulled plugin 2.16.0

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The tasks that the plugin performs
By employing a pop-up feature subsequent to a customer adding an item to their basket, you can augment the user experience and bolster the likelihood of upselling.
What can be obtained from it:

Provide instantaneous feedback to your customers upon adding an item to their purchasing cart.
Streamline the purchasing procedure by providing customers with a summary of all items added to the basket in addition to the total amount of the order.
Motivate customers to augment their shopping carts with supplementary items through the promotion of interrelated, up-sell, and cross-sell merchandise; doing so will increase sales and the mean value of each order.

YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup nulled plugin

YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup nulled plugin Nullified An implementation-oriented strategy to enhance the usability of the store and promote upselling.
There may be a significant delay between when a customer adds an item to their purchasing cart and when they are able to proceed to the checkout page and finalize their transaction. The purchasing process will be rendered more streamlined and expeditious for your clientele by virtue of the functionalities incorporated within this plugin.

By utilizing the YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart prompt plugin, you can provide customers with the ability to view the updated cart information via a prompt window that is generated each time a new product is added to their cart. This, conversely, provides customers with a comprehensive understanding of the products they intend to purchase and incentivizes them to continue navigating the website with the intention of making additional purchases.

YITH WooCommerce Cart Popup Plugin Nullified Additionally, the average order value can be increased with this plugin by employing a robust and efficient up-selling and cross-selling strategy to promote similar products in the display window.

  • Appearance of the pop-up window on all products or a subset of them
  • Employ the inbuilt Exclusion List to restrict the notification to specific items added to the basket or to all products added to the basket.
  • Implement a pop-up on specific or all products.
  • Introduce a pop-up on particular pages along this plugin
  • Determine which webpages the popup should appear on.
  • You may choose to exhibit the notification window at the time a user adds a product to their basket from the product page, exclusively when the product is added from the shop or c
  • ategory pages, or at all times, irrespective of the page the user is currently on.

You can select whether to display the entire cart contents or just the most recently inserted item in the pop-up window in corporation with YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup nulled plugin.

Cart contents or products most recently added
Personalize notification appearance The graphic design of the notification may be modified.
It is possible to customize each element of the popup, including the overlay color, popup background, border radius, text color, sizes, and animation effect, in order to align with your preferences and the aesthetic of your online store.

Make the “Added to cart” message redundant.
Modify the notification that the customer has added the item to the basket by configuring the default indicator size, color, and location, as well as by uploading an icon of your choosing. The message can be altered in a number of ways.

Customize the cart notification by these nulled plugins.
Adopt a customized product listing
Adopt a customized product listing
Alter the product name, price, and thumbnail size, in addition to determining whether the product image is displayed. Additionally, you can exhibit product variant details (including size, color, and more) and a great deal more.

Individualize the totals column by YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup nulled plugin.
Choose whether the cart total, tax, and delivery fees should be displayed. Additionally, you may alter every color in this region.

Totals of Section Customization
Construct your own icons
Determine the number of icons to exhibit and their visual presentation.
The option to exhibit the “View Cart” (which navigates users to the cart page), “Proceed to Checkout” (which directs visitors to the checkout page), and “Continue shopping” (which dismisses the popup and permits further exploration of products) buttons is available for selection. It will be possible to modify the text and hues associated with every icon.

Present an upsells segment while configuring the pertinent configurations.
If desired, you may even include an upsell section in the pop-up window. The quantity and type of items to be displayed (including up-sells, cross-sells, and similar products) are under your control; the plugin will determine which products to exhibit based on the contents of the basket. Conversely, you may designate specific products and guarantee their consistent visibility.

Upsells and associated products
Floating miniature vehicle
A miniature floating container that can be positioned and decorated on the display.
The plugin comprises a minuscule hovering cart that can be utilized in lieu of the customary cart icon observed in the majority of theme headers. It can be positioned on the screen and its visual attributes, including the background color and the icon that is displayed, can be modified.

100% mobile-friendly redesign: mobile purchasers will see the pop-up and mini-cart.
The plugin functions impeccably at mobile resolutions and is entirely optimized for mobile devices. Deactivating both the popup and movable tiny cart will prevent them from being exhibited to customers who make purchases using a smartphone or tablet.

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